Barcelona Our Amazing Trip

Hola Barcelona  It seems I can’t really decide which city is becoming my favorite city since I am in love with Barcelona too, because of its uniqueness way of building, and the famous sand beach, and the shopping street, and the churches, and The famous Park Guell, from famous architect Antoni Gaudi

park Guell Barcelona Babytidastyle

Park Guell barcelona babytidastyle

park Guell babytidastyle

There is really every single thing in Barcelona which for me really is beautiful and I can’t get them away from my head. Those memories will stay with me forever, I would like to imagine travelling to Barcelona twice in a month, wow I was so happy to see the beauty of Barcelona, and it was really worth it.

I can go every month if I got the chance and the money.  I love traveling and like I always said it makes my heart happy, traveling gives me the joy to explore the city, the food, culture and everything good and fabulous, especially travelling with the sweetest baby on earth.

Placa Reial Babytidastyle

barcelona Halloween babytidastyle

 I thought before that travelling with a toddler can really be challenging but I was completely wrong, it’s worth to travel with yours kids because there is this something special, really  something special that I can’t really put into words but I can feel the joy, happiness and the rest of mind to travel with Babytida. It relaxes me so much and she is just a cutie diva who loves travelling just like her parents, so was not a surprise for us.

babytidastyle barcelona bike

barcelona babytida

cute baby barcelona

like mother like daughter

Babytidastyle barcelona nice

Hmm did you know that you can do your own bike tour in Barcelona, it is one of our sightseeing tip that if we knew before we would have done it everywhere we travelled to. I can’t remember the price we paid but it is really worth because Barcelona is such a beautiful city and you cannot see all those beauty by driving or using public transportation.

babytida and mamatida cute

babytida barcelona lake

babytida plac barcelona

sweet sleeping baby

At first I was bit scared for the traffic and all that, but then oh my gosh I was like we can ride all day long in Barcelona and to feel the fresh air, see the city views, and we got lot of compliments on the way people are like wow what a nice idea to do with your own city tour bike that we rented and all you need along is a city map.  You can relax, break, and have a drink as you want because you are your own city tour guide really. Highly recommend especially if you are open minded and you just want to have fun exploring new city.

Thanks for stopping by we will love to hear from you your best fun part you ever had while travelling so that we can add it our next adventure trip 


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  1. Waww am loving this gorgeous little angel, u rock it sweety

    1. Thanks so much my lovely sweetheart we are happy that you found it nice and interesting

  2. Mai says:

    Really beautiful pictures and you both look so cute together! Now I feel like going to Barcelona to experience this beautiful placeLove baby Tida, such a diva and so cute

    1. Thanks so much sweather Mai yea Barcelona is really a nice city am glad you like my site and am happy that you will mark Barcelona to your traveling list is so warm and nice there with the beautiful palm tree everywhere

  3. Mai says:

    Really beautiful pictures and you both look so cute together! Now I also feel like going to Barcelona to experience this beautiful placeLove baby Tida, she is such a diva and so cute!

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