Nothing cuter on a baby girl than a little mini adult outfit

“There’s honestly nothing cuter on a baby girl than a little mini adult outfit”

Baby girl double Blazer


babytida double blazer

There’s a common misconception that babies need to dress baby-ish, or let a baby be a baby but I don’t support this theory. I like to dress my baby in clothes that look like mini down versions of adult clothing.

I have a general rule that if I wouldn’t want to wear it myself, I don’t put it on my daughter and often times we end up wearing similar style as I always want her to look mini mummy

Even though I usually dress Tida in mini adult clothes, I still try to add a bit of fun and fancy look Just like mini version, it’s good to dress your baby for their body type.

Don’t get locked into seeing an item as what it is.

This double button blazer is more likely for boys but I find it so nice and interesting too, that we can finally have matching double blazer that BabyTida will look like mini mummy, I  enjoy putting together fun outfits too for Tida.




I must say that my absolute favorite “styling gig” has been styling my own daughter. I have so much fun dressing her up in fun, little outfits – especially since I’m  quite   “fashionista mama” lover for everything beautiful and darling, and I know I won’t get to choose her outfits forever, so why not to take this little fun styling together.

I’m enjoying having my own little real-life doll to play dress up with while I can. I’ve been asked fairly often about the fashion choices I make for BabyTida  and where I get her adorable outfits  from, I thought I will put our mum/daughter,  reasonable favorite styles tips, and where we are getting most of our outfits from.

You may or may not know, but in addition to being a mama and a blogger  I pull together looks for photos and daily styles for me and BabyTida.

 I Can’t even put into words the love I  have for this little sweetie she is the most precious little girl,  we just adore her for everything.





baby cute blazer


baby magazine












what is the most luxurious treat for you when you have some quite time for yourself. Please comment below thanks 

I know that being a mom isn’t for everyone, but for me it’s made a big difference in how I see myself, how I present myself, and what I care about.

I appreciate time to myself more than ever. I used to spend a ton of time by myself with endless hours to do whatever I wanted. I didn’t realize how precious and rare that time would someday be. I love my daughter and her constant energy, but sometimes i  just needs some quiet time to myself, to get lashes and eyebrows done It feels like the most luxurious treat!

What we’re wearing :

Mini blazer:  Second hand H&M 7 euros

Mini Trouser: Aldi  3 euros

mini shoes: Aldi 3 euros

Mini Scarf: Zara baby girl 9.99 euros

 Mama blazer: Camaieu 15 euros

Mama Dress: Zara 15 euros 

Over-knee boot old: Zalando 

Mama scarf old: Burberry 

Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed our pictures!


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