DIY Babytidastyle Christmas Photo Ideas for Toddler

“Everything is always cuter with little Red Santa stocking cap”

Merry Christmas to everyone 

Babytidastyle christmas photo 20

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This year has been unreal, so many amazing and beautiful memories. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas, the season for joy and forgiveness, however it is also full of strange and beautiful traditions we all celebrate, however without really understanding them. First time we have a Christmas tree, because of my little lady, and with her around an artificial tree seemed to be the best option for

So many things are happening all at once in life. I wish I had more time to capture them all on paper, with all that is going on in my life it’s important for me to stay on a track. This year has been wonderful watching Babytida growing up so fast. I enjoy my little lady so much, as she is getting so big, so beautiful, loving, day by day, and I can’t get enough of her….

Babytidastyle christmas photo b

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Snapping great pictures of Babytida can be challenging sometimes, as these Little ones are often either on the move, spitting up, or crying…just in time for pictures, but since I’m a photo fanatic, and been very patient, so I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that worked for us and that added a little cheer to our Christmas pictures this year. We both enjoyed the fun taking photos.

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As I want to be creative and do something different and special this time around without spending a euro for Babytida Christmas costume and photo shoot. I remembered last year we paid a lot for both photos and her dress which was bit stressful for me too, as we took her to a stranger, photographer and she was not cooperating very well as I want her to have the best photo that how the DIY idea came to my mind, Do it by myself this time around with my iPhone gives me zero stress since I took all her photos at home alone and we had the time to ourselves alone.

The old red skirt and the Red Santa stocking cap was from her last year Christmas costume set and red colour table cloth from Babytida aunt in South Africa. These are the things she used in her photo and few 1 euros shop items like the red bead. From now on we will be doing everything by ourselves, as it is so easy, fun and even exciting.

Thanks so much for stopping by we hope you enjoyed our photos.

Xoxo Fashionmama&Babytida

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      Thanks so much for your time, sending you lot of love am glad you love my style:-)

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