Our Fabulous Weekend In Geneva Switzerland

It is not only the natural beauty for what Switzerland is known you will love your holiday to the land of peace, milk, money, watches, cheese and chocolate. If you tell me you do not like the Swiss chocolate I will seriously believe you haven’t tasted it yet. Switzerland is the only country with four national languages- German, French, Italian and the Roumanien and Switzerland is one of those countries where one can go in any season and enjoy to the best especially in Geneva.

Geneva is One of my favourites cities in Europe, due to its renowned to the world over for being the home of countless International Organizations among to name a few is the European Headquarter for the United Nations, CERN which means The European Organization for Nuclear Research, is a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world,  among others  UNHCR  The UN Refugee Agency,  IOM International Organization for Migrant , ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and lot more  which have earned its title of Europe’s most International city global hub for diplomacy and banking.

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Babytidastyle Geneva

Falling in love with Lake Geneva is easy when you can have free boat trip and free ticket for all public transportation for tourist in Geneva, from your hotel, just ask at the reception desk in your hotel the free tickets for tourist are validated only during your stay in Geneva.  This is so nice because you can explore the city as long as you want and you really do not have to worry about buying tickets for public transportation like in other Countries.

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 Geneva has proven to be very beautiful and unique especially the Jet d’Eau fountain is one of the largest fountains in Europe, and its special Flea markets PlAINPALAIS is one of Switzerland’s largest flea markets and Bargain hunters and collectors can find all sorts of items there books, clothes, jewellery, antiques and decorative items and who know, somewhere, sometime, unbelievable vintage or objects might be discovered there, so make sure you visit PlAINPALAIS  who knows you might be  lucky to find something useful.


geneva mamtidastyle

Thanks for stopping by we hope you enjoyed our post and you can please comment below which city in Europe is your favourite and why. Our next trip cont …….

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