Just for us, Mother and Daughter Style Fashionista Mama and Babytidastyle Partner Look

Daughters are the blessings,  we love fashion, fitness, and everything pretty and fabulous and our Partner look. As well as mini-me my Fashionista Sweetie she is so sweet. We are just having funs and enjoying our Lifestyle till to the fullest.

I love how independent she is becoming, so charming and innocent. I can’t forget last time what she told me when we were at the party last time.

mother daughter flower smelling styles
mother daughter smelling flowers
mother daughter partner look



She came to me and said Mama stretch your arms, jumps and do like this, lol it was so funny that I could not stop laughing. All that she could say was Mama I want to have some fun lol.

Wow, how time flies Babytida is becoming a very sweet, caring, lovely and little madam. It melts my heart, to see how precious she means to us and everyone around us. She is just an angel, hmm but I am jealous because she is Daddy girl.


mini Fashionista
babytida fashionista baby smelling flowers!
mother daughter partner look
mother daughter style

MOTHER-DAUGHTER STYLESWe had really a great summer this year, with a lot of fun, love, all the happiness and those gorgeous smiles she put on our faces was priceless.  There is nothing we could really ask for. She is just a blessing to us……
Our love for fashion and our partner looks styles are getting to me like serious I am a designer wow.

I just can’t stop to make every little piece in our own styles. Am in love, creating the design for us and anything I want to make or wear something I really think in two sets because I am not sure or even ready if I can make something without her … I just want to make our look and our dressing to be the same as always as a PARTNER LOOK.


Mother Daughter Street Style
Mother Daughter partner look styles
Fun time mother and daughter style
so much Fun mama and babytidastyle


She is my Partner in crime in everything, like mother like daughter. These summer mini dresses are made by us. our design our Styles our Partner look we always rock together and we will as Mama&Babytidastyle.


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