Trench Coat For Every Mini Fashionistas

Trench Coat Charm…

Every little ‘stylish’ girl ought to have at least a tiny splash of basic shade trench coat clammy in their closets for Spring/Summer. For those who knows BabyTida, you know she was born to embark on outing, excitements and explore her environment. As city fashionista baby, we normally attach playful neon bright and jewel tones to sunshine to us it screams, happy and carefree.

However from last year , whilst we still embrace the different  colors, we have developed an appreciation for the total opposite as well. Apart from the fact that it is bang on trend this season, infusing grey shades into an outfit, almost always guarantees that a lasting impression is left.





She is rocking her Trench coat with brownish LV mini sandal which many people thought the sandals are for boys  well Babytida has proven not in her case, in my opinion I think is unisex, well she loves them and am not really bothered, matching with her cutest grey over knee socks oh mama favorite , paired  with Burberry mini head band and pink Mini Prada sun glass style  this little mini Diva is more than ready to explore Berlin.img_3939

Regardless of  the styling, these shades whisper, ‘girly’, ‘soft’, ‘modern’ and ‘fresh’ will give any outfit an effortless feminine feel. What is even more interesting is the fact that no matter your skin tone/color they suit all.

 Style by yours truly, the inspiration for her outer wears come with my latest obsession of Trench coat and the greatest outdoor and anything that is bright for her, babytida is always up to date with modern styles.

Thanks for stopping hope you enjoyed the photos !

BabyTida & Mummy

What she’s wearing:

Trench: Zara Baby Girl

Trousers/stocking: Zara Baby Girl

Headband:  Samso, Denmark  Street Vendor

Scarf: Burberry

Shoes: TK max

Sunglass: online  


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  1. jainaba says:

    My tida on point

    1. Fashionmama says:

      Thanks sweety:)

      1. I love the picture and the style are fantastic

  2. Nano says:


    1. Fashionmama says:

      thanks so much sweetie:)

  3. Aminata says:

    my upcoming model on swag. lovely outfit and beautiful adventure tours, good experience sweety.

    1. Fashionmama says:

      Thanks Darling you guys rock:) love you all:)

  4. Bossladyforever says:

    Awww that’s ma princess go titi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Fashionmama says:

      Thanks so much my sweetheart :)))

  5. Gizem says:

    My stylish Tida! You and your Mum look soooo pretty…

    1. Fashionmama says:

      Thanks so much my darling 🙂

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