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Beautiful Blossoms

It’s my favourite season Spring as it tends to keep me pepped up this is the time when the beautiful blossom, melodious, warm and pleasant sounds, birds chirping softly as a new buds cover the green,  and a new beginning to everything. I always buy things , dressing and  trying new styles on her is  my hobby, well am off course  a shopping addict, and BabyTida loves it too she is always ready to get dress.

Babytida wearing her spring favourite Trench coat paired with over kneed socks with LV white mini sandals. 

Mum wearing Zara bluish outer jean trench style tress with black Hugo heel boot bought it from Warsaw and Channel shoulder bag











There is something about travelling that make me my heart happy and the memories stays with me forever no doubt that Babytida loves to go out too like mother like daughter. Was really a great weather in Antwerp that day, it has been raining since we went there a bit of  sunshine the city turned into hot sport imagine everyone want to sit under the sun to have a delicious Belgian coffee ,or hot chocolate as you know Belgium is known/Famous  for it  best chocolates.

while having a coffee we saw all the Belgian Rich guys driving their Classic Cars you can name them, I was speechless but was mad fun to watch all those expensive cars passing by all I could think of was i wish someone can offer me lift …anyway Babytida didn’t care a lot but she was really excited too. We love the diamond city Antwerp.

 MIDDELHEIM Park is one of the biggest and the most beautiful park I have ever seen, in this park you can never get bored there is always something that can keep you busy especially with kids my favourites are the mini zoo in the middle of the park, adult/children playground, Lakes in the park, Restaurants and Last but not the least the “DAVID STATUE” the replica of the original by MICHELANGELO.


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