Do you ever wonder if the healthy benefit of weight loss is worth all the work it takes to actually lose weight?

So despite the fact that I wasn’t completely satisfied with the way I was looking throughout my life before I embarked on the healthy lifestyle because it never occurred to me that I could have the power to change it.

Okay, let say every country has its own pros and cons and in some African countries if you are fat they kind of consider that you are wealthy or you are enjoying your life because you are eating rich food, while skinny or slim is a sign of poor or sick, so when you come from such countries is always difficult both physically and mentally to get started on your weight loss journey.

I had difficulties also losing weight back home in the Gambia because I got no mental support in general, people are always discouraging you, you will hear words like “oh, are you sick or you are looking slim and you look awful, to be fat you look nicer than to be slim, bla bla bla …..cont

mamatidastyle weight loss through picture

So despite all the diets and exercises I did I could not see any results, so I quit and got back to my bad eating habits, I didn’t like the way I looked but I chooses to focus my attention on other aspects of my life instead of trying to resolve the physical one.

I was feeling tired all the time, and I kept hitting the snooze button every morning, I had to drag my feet, I wasn’t motivated to get out of my bed and I allowed myself to sleep until 2 pm on weekends.

I didn’t like to move or do anything at all apart from watching movies in bed, drinking cola, eating chips, sugary and processed food or anything I laid my hands on.

I was low on energy and my stomach was big, full of gas from drinking diet Coke and I felt bloated all the time, I paid no attention to what I was putting into my mouth and I didn’t care if I ate enough nutrients.

The way I see it now is that I really had no right to complain about my physical appearance then, because my poor eating habits had resulted in my appearance.

Mamatidastyle my weight loss goal

I often don’t weight myself now, I always buy a clothes smaller than my current size, so I set a target to wear it in couple of weeks or months, and I must wear it, that is how I ultimately know.

And if it’s really important to check then I stand on the scale. It can be so easy to lose motivation if you don’t really know how far you have come, so hopefully this will help you to realize the changes you have already accomplished, but you don’t just have to rely on the scale for confirmation of your success.

So in 2010 in  Warsaw, Poland when I was there for my studies I didn’t like the way I was looking and had difficulties finding the best and perfect clothes size for me. I think poles are very careful about the way they look and feel especially when it comes to healthy lifestyle.

That’s why Poland is one of my favorite countries, KOCHAM CIE POLSKA means I LOVE YOU POLAND. One thing I love about Poland is that everyone, but especial women are more into fitness, healthy lifestyle, beauty, new trends, the modern and the diva look, and that gave me the motivation to get started.

I decided to make a change, I looked at myself in the mirror and I said to myself I need to change and it must start from today and not tomorrow and that is how I embarked on my weight loss journey.

I’ve successfully lost 40 kilos in 2010 and I’ve been approached about this topic so often, I thought to set up this section on my blog to share with you guys, about how I achieved my weight loss goal and I hope it helps you in some way to your journey too.

I thought it will be useful to show you my weight gain and weight loss progress photos to give you a rough idea of my transformation over the course of a years and from when I decided in 2010 up to my pregnancy in 2014 which I gained back nearly 40 kilos again and I now almost lost all that pregnancy weight I gained.

mamatidastyle weight loss pic

                               I think you will be wondering how did I do it, hey if I can do it then you too can do it !

How did I get started?

I woke up one morning in 2010 and I decided to again try to change my life, suddenly I wanted so badly to be healthy, my motivation had extended beyond just wanting to be rid of my excess kilos, I was sick been fat and I wasn’t able to find perfect cloths for me, that’s how I started in general, but after my pregnancy I wanted so badly to go back to pre-pregnancy shape.

What was the first thing I quit drinking/eating?

In general I don’t like sugar and gas drinks, but I like to drink sometimes a diet coke, however despite being a “zero calorie” drink, diet coke is really bad for you more than you ever imagined.

That day I decided quitting sugary and gas drinks, it is really amazing I have never missed either, I don’t even like drinking sugary and gas drinks anymore and I had absolutely no problem to switch to natural plain water. I was so determined to quit so soon enough I saw sudden drop of the number on the bathroom scale in the weeks following my quitting.

What is the real secret to weight loss?

My secret is that I started keeping track of all food intake by writing them in my notebook, by then I didn’t  know I can even use an App on my phone to record. Now I record everything, and I am using the “MyDietCoach” and “MyFitnessPal” from the Apple store on my phone.

The basic rule in order to lose weight is that you have to consume less than you burn, I repeat this to all of you who want to lose weight: Always remember CALORIES IN vs CALORIES OUT. Or you simply have to determine your basal metabolism rate and total daily energy expenditure before you can draw up your weight loss plan. There is no other magic way of doing it naturally.

It is only by keeping track on my daily food intake through “MydietCoach” or “MyFitnessPal” that I am able to tell just how much I am eating on a daily basis, it was when I started counting that I realized just how much extra food I had been eating in the past, extra calories that I didn’t need, extra fat, salt and even sugar that did no benefit to my body, the extra bar of chocolates, chips when I felt bored and sugary drinks when I felt thirsty and the sauce for the rice all those added up, but it also helped to learn from my mistakes, and helped me to eat now healthier and smarter.

My lifestyle change made such a huge impact that my weight fell from the moment I started to track my daily food intake and kept track of my daily calories goal. I lost few kilos in the first few months and every month I started seeing good results.

As always, I’d like to gently remind you that I am not a healthcare professional, therefore it is always best to consult your doctor for health-related issues and before you embark on a change in diet. After all, our bodies are all different and some of us may have medical conditions or food intolerance’s to consider.

Thanks for stopping by I will write on next post about my meal plans and what keeps me motivated.

I hope you found this page useful, and please do keep me posted on your progress; I am very happy to listen to (or rather, read about) your successes or problems. Let’s do this together! Feel free to drop me a comment here, or if you prefer more privacy, you could send me an email. 😉

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  1. Isatou Barry cham says:

    Amaizing am totally proud n much grateful of you for your kind hearted sharing of this good opinions of yours. Keep it up my lovely sis am already starting working on it.

    1. Thanks so much am happy that you found the post useful if you need any help you are always welcome. 😉

  2. Stephanie says:

    This is such an honest post, and so inspiring! Lifestyle change is so important in weight loss, but is not always easy. Thank you for the tips and sharing your journey!

    1. Thanks Stephanie yea is not easy to change a lifestyle especially when it come to weight loss, and to stay healthy. But it can be done if you are mentally ready, and you have all the support you need in your journey. Its really worth it especially if you want to achieve an healthy lifestyle to stay healthy 🙂

  3. Great story. Can I say, you look absolutely gorgeous? You are definitely an inspiration to lots of women who struggle with body issues!

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth. yea you are right, lot of women struggle with their body especially after pregnancy.
      we need motivation and support to achieve our body back or any dream body you always dream off.:-)

  4. Teelove says:

    Very inspiring gal. Seriously, I think there’s more to this and it will be more appreciated if you can share the secret..

    1. Thanks Teelove well there is no secret in my weight lose.
      I was true to myself and i got motivation and support from my family and friends, I will write more detail in my next post how i achieved and what keep me going.thanks for stopping by and am glad u want to know more ……..;-)

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